Updated: Feb. 8, 2018

Join a WSBA committee, board or panel

Application deadline is Feb. 28, 2018

Applications are now being accepted from WSBA members interested in joining one of the many committees, boards or panels administered by WSBA. This Committees overview provides brief descriptions of each group; below are links to detailed volunteer position descriptions. To apply, login to myWSBA and look for the "Apply to a Committee" box under My Profile. (Members of the public looking for volunteer opportunities should consult this page.)

The application deadline is Feb. 28. After the deadline, applications will be reviewed by individual nomination teams for each position, then by the WSBA Board of Governors Nominations Committee. Some positions are appointed by the Board of Governors, and some by the Supreme Court. Because of the lengthy review and appointment process, applicants may not learn if they have been appointed until mid to late summer. Most positions begin Oct. 1, 2018. Applicants are welcome to check on their status at any time by emailing barleaders@wsba.org. If you need assistance completing the application, contact Bar Services Manager Pam Inglesby at pami@wsba.org or 206-727-8226.

Volunteer position descriptions:

WSBA Committees (created by the Board of Governors)

WSBA Regulatory Boards and Panels (created by court rule)

Supreme Court Boards and Panels (administered by WSBA)

Other positions

Get involved with the Washington Young Lawyers Committee

The Washington Young Lawyers Committee (WYLC) is a vehicle for new lawyers and law students to get involved with the Bar and a home to network and enhance leadership skills. You can develop programs for new and young lawyers, serve on a WYLC subcommittee, or become a young lawyer liaison to a WSBA section.

Put justice in reach for all on the Access to Justice Board

The Access to Justice Board, a Washington Supreme Court-created board administered by the WSBA, works to achieve equal access to the civil justice system for those facing economic and other significant barriers. Volunteers are welcome to join any of the ATJ Board's committees at any time of the year.