Updated: March 12, 2020

The Ethics Line is a resource for licensed legal professionals who are members of the Washington State Bar Association. Members with questions about their own prospective conduct can speak with the Bar's professional responsibility counsel (PRC). All inquiries are confidential and any advice given is informal and nonbinding. See APR 19(e).

The Ethics Line does not address legal issues or past conduct, or provide opinion or advice on the ethical conduct of a person other than the inquirer. Ethical advice is only provided telephonically and not via email or through other written communication.

Ethics Line: 206-727-8284 or 800-945-WSBA (9722)

The Ethics Line is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours and closed on major holidays. To inquire, leave a voicemail with your name, license number, phone number for a confidential return call, and a brief message, including the ethical rule (RPC) involved. Staff will provide the message to the professional responsibility counsel. If the PRC is not available, an assisting staff attorney will return the call. Inquiries are generally returned within one or two business days.

For answers to many common ethical questions, see FAQs. Concerns of a lawyer about the conduct of another lawyer should be directed to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel at 206-727-8207. Rules of Professional Conduct (as adopted by the Washington Supreme Court.) For rules governing, Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLT), see the LLLT information. For rules governing, Limited Practice Officers (LPO), see LPO information.

Requests for a written advisory opinion may be directed to Committee on Professional Ethics.