Updated: Jan. 5, 2021

How WSBA Sections and other authorized WSBA entities engage in the legislative process:

  • Authorized WSBA entities, including sections, committees, boards, and councils, may take positions on legislation on behalf of their respective entities, subject to the requirements of GR-12 and the WSBA's Comment Policy. The bar's Outreach and Legislative Affairs staff review proposed bills and make referrals to WSBA entities for their review and feedback. Positions taken on behalf of an authorized WSBA entity are the positions of the entity and not necessarily that of the bar.
  • Only the WSBA Board of Governors (or the Board's Legislative Committee) is authorized to take positions on behalf of the entire bar. The Board's Legislative Committee meets regularly during session to review legislative proposals as well as legislative strategy.
  • Authorized WSBA entities may also propose legislation, subject to a positive recommendation by the WSBA Legislative Review Committee and approval by the Board of Governors. More information about previously approved WSBA-request legislation can be found in legislation status reports (see links to the right).
  • Whether taking positions on legislation or proposing legislation, authorized WSBA entities must work with the WSBA's Outreach and Legislative Affairs Manager to communicate and advocate in the legislative arena.