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Titles About Marketing from the Lending Library

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100+ Pointers for Business Development
Sharon Meit Abrahams (2013)
To generate business, one will need to acquire skills, knowledge and the proper attitude toward marketing and business development. This book provides pointers to guide you through the maze of business development. 
ISBN 9781627223249
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The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet

Gregory H. Siskind and Deborah McMurray (2017)
Because buyers of legal services are internet savvy, they expect their lawyers to be as well. This book is designed for both sophisticated internet marketers and lawyers who are ready to jump into it. 
ISBN 9781634257374
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The Aristotelian Method: Practice Development and Marketing for Lawyers on a Shoestring Budget
Jim Schuster (January 2011)
Provides information on creating marketing strategies and plans for the solo and small firm attorney that wants to grow their practice or improve their marketing plan.
ISBN 9780983106203
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Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers
Ernie Svenson (December 2013)
Shows how to create, maintain, improve and gain new business opportunities using a legal blog.
ISBN 161438522X 
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Bringin’ the Rain: A Woman Lawyer’s Guide to Business Development
Sara Holtz (September 2008)
Practical advice, concepts, tools and action steps on how to focus marketing efforts, engage in high-payoff activities, employ effective follow-up, and build strong revenue-generating relationships.
ISBN 0981814034
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Building Your Practice with Pro Bono for Lawyers
Nelson P. Miller (December 2013)
Helps to develop skills to serve pro bono clients, gain new confidence and rejuvenate the paying practice through pro bono.
ISBN 9781614386315
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Competition Demystified: A Radically Simplified Approach to Business Strategy
Bruce Greenwald and Judd Kahn (2005)
Develop business strategies by examining and understanding your competition.
ISBN 9781591840572
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The Consumer Law Revolution: The Lawyer’s Guide to the Online Legal Marketplace
Stephanie L. Kimbro (April 2014)
Shows how branded legal services networks such as Rocket Lawyer, Avvo, LawZam, and LexSpot can help a marketing strategy.
ISBN 9781614387060
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Great Legal Marketing: How Smart Lawyers Think, Behave and Market to Get More Clients, Make More Money and Still Get Home in Time for Dinner
Benjamin W. Glass
Defines how to implement a marketing strategy format that will increase your client base and revenue.
ISBN 9780983712503
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Guerrilla Publicity: Hundreds of Sure-Fire Tactics to Get Maximum Sales for Minimum Dollars
Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and Jill Lublin (September 2008)
Describes how to publicize your product or business and reach potential clients/customers and includes podcasts, blogs, and media training for the digital age.
ISBN 1598698451
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How to Get and Keep Good Clients (2nd Edition)
Jay G. Foonberg (June 1994)
Provides marketing suggestions to grow your practice and improve the way business is done.
ISBN 0940599023
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How to Turn Clicks Into Clients: The Ultimate Law Firm Guide for Getting More Clients Through the Internet
Ed Rush, Jabez LeBret and Mark Homer (October 2011)
Information on how to get more clients online by describing key components that must be on your website, implementing a strategy to get more hits on your website, and using free online resources.
ISBN 9780982640326
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Internet Branding for Lawyers: Building the Client-Centered Website
Jeff Lantz (August 2012)
Provides step-by-step directions on how to develop a solid brand and website that will attract clients.
ISBN 161438293X
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The Law Firm Associate’s Guide to Personal Marketing and Selling Skills
Catherine Alman MacDonagh and Beth Marie Cuzzone (August 2007)
Defines personal marketing and sales skills, from creating a marketing plan to asking for business and effectively networking inside and outside the firm.
ISBN 9781590318331
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The Lawyer’s Guide to Building Your Practice with Referrals
Steven J. Shaer (December 2013)
Provides step-by-step guidelines for building relationships with referral sources, getting and managing new referrals, developing networking skills.
ISBN 9781614382911
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The Lawyer’s Guide to Effective Yellow Pages Advertising (2nd Edition)
Kerry Randall and Andru J. Johnson (May 2005)
Describes how law firms can plan and design a more effective and targeted Yellow Page advertisement that attracts specific types of clients.
ISBN 9781590316214
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The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing Your Practice (2nd Edition)
James A. Durham and Deborah McMurray (September 2003)
Features insights from strategic planning and public relations to Internet marketing and market research.
ISBN 9781590313558
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The Lawyer’s Guide to Strategic Marketing: Analysis, Planning, Implementation & Controls for Small Firms, Large Firms, and Solo Practices
Reginald D. Harris (May 2003)
A practice development resource that examines the full range of marketing and business development activities from analysis, planning and implementation to evaluating and controlling performance.
ISBN 9780971169210
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Legal Ethics and Social Media - A Practitioner's handbook
Jan L. Jacobowitz and John G. Browning (2017)
A book focused on legal ethics in the digital age must inevitably begin with a look at the technological advancements that have changed the way we live and ultimately the way we practice law. 
ISBN 9781634257284
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LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers
Dennis Kennedy and Allison C. Shields (February 2013)
Provides and introduction to LinkedIn and helps to create, develop, and expand you professional network.
ISBN 1614383480 
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Marketing and Legal Ethics: The Boundaries of Promoting Legal Services (3rd Edition)
William E. Hornsby (August 2000)
Provides generic ethical advice based upon the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct (be sure to check the latest Washington RPCs to ensure compliance).
ISBN 9781570738104
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Marketing in the Public Sector: A Roadmap for Improved Performance
Philip Kotler and Nancy R. Lee (October 2006)
Offers roadmaps on how to create a strong brand identity, gather citizen input, and evaluate your efforts by developing a marking plan using the tools and lessons presented in this book.
ISBN 9780137060863
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Marketing Success: How Did She Do That? Women Lawyers Show You How to Move Beyond Tips to Implementation
Dee A. Schiavelli and Afi S. Johnson-Parris (2015)
Best practices in the legal industry through interviews with women rainmakers on how they succeeded using the current approaches to marketing and business development.
ISBN 9781634251334
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Online Law Practice Strategies: How to Turn Clicks into Clients (3rd Edition)
Jabez LeBret and Mark Homer (February 2014)
A guide to building a professional online presence you need for your law firm.
ISBN 9780982640357
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Personal Branding in One Hour for Lawyers
Katy Goshtasbi
Explains how attorneys can highlight their unique talents and abilities, manage their perceptions, and achieve greater success as a lawyer in the process of defining their brand. 
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The Reluctant Rainmaker: A Guide for Lawyers Who Hate Selling (2nd Edition)
Julie A. Fleming, J.D. (March 2014)
Shows how to develop a successful, satisfying, and sustainable practice with a cohesive, actionable business development plan. 
ISBN 9780991125111
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The Revenue Growth Habit:  The Simple Art of Growing Your Business by 15% in 15 Minutes a Day
Alex Goldfayn (2015)
Offers 22 action steps that increase revenue by consistently doing them 15 minutes a day.
ISBN  9781119084068
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Selling in Your Comfort Zone: Safe and Effective Strategies for Developing New Business
Robert N. Kohn and Lawrence M. Kohn (July 2010)
Motivates the reader to take action and identify strategies and tasks that they are comfortable doing.
ISBN 9781604426069 
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Smart Marketing for the Small Firm Lawyer
Kenneth Vercammen (September 2014)
This book thoroughly explores today's marketing landscape and concisely outlines its many facets to create a firm's competitive advantage.
ISBN 9781627224840
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Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier
Carolyn Elefant and Nicole Black (June 2010)
This guide shows lawyers how to use a practical, goal-centric approach to social media by identifying the platforms and tools that fit their practice and implementing them easily, efficiently, and ethically.
ISBN 9781604429206
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The Tech Contracts Handbook, (2nd ed.)
David W. Tollen (2015)
A practical guidebook for drafting contracts and agreements for your firm's technology needs.
ISBN 9781634251785
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Through the Client’s Eyes: New Approaches to Get Clients to Hire You Again and Again (3rd Edition)
Henry W. Ewalt and Andrew W. Ewalt (August 2008)
Advice and ideas on how to develop and maintain client relationships without compromising personal interests, and increasing the bottom line.
ISBN 9781604420272
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Winning at Local Search
Mike Ramsey (2014)
The nifty guide to online marketing for lawyers - expert tips, tricks and advice from the trenches about directory listings, site design, search engine dos and don'ts, paid online advertising - getting likes, shares and links. 
ISBN 9780989529327
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Women Rainmakers’ Best Marketing Tips
Theda C. Snyder and American Bar Association
Provides a practical and cost-effective approach to marketing that will build your client base.
ISBN 9995741083 
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