Updated: April 16, 2018

Please wait until after you have received and read your letter before contacting the WSBA with questions about the exam results.

Note: Passing applicants need to provide additional documentation before they are approved for licensing.

Congratulations to the following Successful Applicants:

Andre, Heather
Ball, Jarrod
Barton, Haley
Blake, Tamara
Burdine, Emmalia
Caffrey, Yvonne
Click, Jeffrey
Franks, Janice
Granger, Barbara
Haan, Constance
Hamilton, Amanda
Hanna, Melissa
Hooper, Karla
Hurley, Karen
Johnson, Amanda
Kim, Timothy
Lockwood, Tracey

Mayer, Kelsi
Merwin, Coventry
Metz, Taunya
Nicholson, Sandra
Pemberton, Alicia
Pentaude, Cheleena
Pham, Wendy
Porter, Kimberlee
Potekev, Lisa
Slattery, Suzzette
Stango, Kelly
Stone, Melissa
Telesco, Valeria
VanOsdol, Kim
Wallace, Natalie
Wesel, Emily
Wood, Ryan

LPO Exam Statistics

LPO Exam Date

Number of



October 2017853440%
April 2017792228%
October 2016463065%
April 2016551731%