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Titles on Practice Management from the Lending Library

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24 Hours with 24 Lawyers: Profiles of Traditional and Nontraditional Careers
Jasper Kim (April 2011)
Prepares you to determine which career profile suits you best by chronicling a typical twenty-four-hour day of twenty-four lawyers in traditional and non-traditional careers.
ISBN 9780314276315
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Alternative Fees for Business Lawyers and Their Clients
Mark Robertson (2014)
A guide that offers lessons, insights, and practical tips attorneys can implement when evaluating alternative fee arrangements.
ISBN 9781627223324
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Alternative Fees for Litigators and Their Clients
Patrick Lamb (October 2014)
A guide that offers lessons, insights, and practical tips attorneys can implement when evaluating alternative fee arrangements.
ISBN 9781627223324
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Anatomy of a Law Firm Merger: How to Make or Break the Deal (3rd Edition)
Hildebrandt International (June 2004)
Provides advice on what to consider when contemplating a merger.
ISBN 1590313771
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Attorney and Law Firm Guide to the Business of Law: Planning and Operating for Survival and Growth (2nd Edition)
Edward Poll (June 2003)
Explains how to manage a practice set both personal and law firm goals.
ISBN 9781570739910
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BizPlan Builder
Jian Software (February 1997)
A book and software program that teaches you how to build a solid foundation for any business with an intuitive, well-thought-out plan that incorporates information on building a successful business. 
ISBN 9780538864275
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Business Competency for Lawyers: A LawBiz Management Special Report
Edward Poll (March 2006)
Describes basic business principles such as planning for success, turning billable hours into collected cash, building a more profitable firm, and thinking creatively about the business of law.
ISBN 9780965494854
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Business Plans That Work: For Your Small Business (3rd Edition)
Alice H. Magos (May 2008)
Contains elements of a professional business plan that translates complicated marketing and financial concepts into practical advice.
ISBN 9780808017936
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The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice
Reid F. Trautz and Dan Pinnington (January 2010)
Tips on practice management topics, including client service, marketing, time management, technology, human resources issues, ethics, professionalism, strategy, and planning.
ISBN 1604424680
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The Checklist Manifesto 
Atul Gawande (2010)
Increase accuracy and reduce mistakes by creating and adopting checklists.
ISBN 9780312430009
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Checklists for Lawyers
Daniel J. Siegel, Molly Barker Gilligan and Pamela A. Myers (2014)
A guide to creating effective checklists and a set of practice management checklists, including some practice-area-specific ones.
ISBN 9781627223348
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Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance
Cami McLaren and Stephanie Finelli (November 2014)
Describes step-by-step instructions to address common problems and concerns that lawyers experience throughout their careers.
ISBN 9781627223591 
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Collaborative Law: A New Model for Dispute Resolution (Hardcopy and CD)
Sheila M. Gutterman (March 2004)
Discusses the innovative process about the alternative method of resolving disputes that enhances the understanding and provides tools to successfully implement the collaborative law process in a business.
ISBN 1883726956
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Cover Your Nut:  Practical Accounting in Plain English for the Real World
R.G. Bud Phelps (2011)
Get a better understanding of the role of accounting in managing a business.
ISBN  9781466360921
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Dangerous Opportunity: Making Change Work
Chris Musselwhite, Ed.D and Randell Jones MBA (April 2004)
Offers managers insights into the different ways people react to change and explains how managers can lead change using language, understanding, and tools contained in the book.
ISBN 9781413434699
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Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable…About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business
Patrick Lencioni (March 2004)
Insights into curing bad meetings, which some believe destroy productivity.
ISBN 9780787968052
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The Essential Formbook Volume 3: Calendar, Docket, File Management, Law Firm Financial Analysis
Gary A. Munneke and Anthony E. Davis (2003)
Introduces policies and procedures involving computer tools, networking, security, document backup, retention and destruction, and address financial management issues (checklists and forms are located in hardcopy and on the CD).
ISBN 1590312392
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Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer (4th Edition)
K. William Gibson (July 2005)
Gives advice on approaches, methods, systems, and perspectives that a solo practitioner should consider.
ISBN 1590314808
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Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times 
Edward Poll (March 2010)
Describes marketing and business development tactics, how to price, bill and collect for services and figure overhead, and how to manage the cash flow cycle in the context of a stagnant economy.
ISBN 9780314920843
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How to Write a Business Plan (11th Edition)
Mike McKeever (September 2012)
A guide that provides sample business plans and spreadsheets that help you determine and forecast cash flow, financial statements, sales revenue, and profit and loss.
ISBN 9781413317497
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Introduction to Law Firm Practice
Michael Downey (June 2010)
Provides an introduction to the basics of working in a law firm and discusses how a lawyer can get around within the firm to succeed in their practice. 
ISBN 1604428244
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Law Practice Strategy: Creating a New Business Model for Solos and Small Firms
Donna K. Seyle (May 2011)
Covers topics such as cost containment, efficiency, and project management, cloud productivity tools, creating a virtual law office, security, ethics, and regulation in the cloud.
ISBN 9780615435251
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Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow Justice
Dr. Artika R. Tyner (2014)
Designed to help lawyers become effective agents for social change by using their legal skills, contributing to communities, and empowering and developing new leaders.
ISBN 9781627226646
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The Lawyer’s Field Guide to Effective Business Development
William J. Flannery, Jr. (October 2007)
Gives practical business development and sales skills that help lawyers obtain additional business for their firms.
ISBN 9781590317365
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The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together
Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell (June 2008)
Showcases how to use the latest web-based and software technologies to work collaboratively and more efficiently on projects.
ISBN 9781590319796
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Lawyer’s Guide to Creating a Business Plan (CD)
Linda Pinson (2011)
Guides practitioners step-by-step toward actualized growth utilizing organizational, marketing, and financial strategies.
ISBN 9781616320263
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The Lawyer’s Guide to PCLaw® Software
Steven J. Best (2015)
Covers the concepts, functions, and organizational tools of PCLaw® software for time, billing, accounting, and practice management.
ISBN 9781634250566
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The Lawyer’s Guide to Records Management and Retention, (2nd Edition)
George C. Cunningham (2014)
Provides information to ensure you are following the legal and ethics rules for maintaining hardcopy and electronic documents and how to minimize risk to your firm and clients while also improving productivity and decreasing costs.
ISBN 9781627222341
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The Lawyer’s Guide to Strategic Planning
Thomas C. Grella and Michael L. Hudkins (May 2004)
Designed to educate lawyers on the importance of strategic planning for a law firm.
ISBN 9781590314234
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The Lean Startup
Eric Ries, (2011)
An alternative perspective on starting a business by testing vision and adapting and adjusting to change.
ISBN  9780307887894
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Legal Project Management in One Hour for Lawyers
Pamela H. Woldow and Douglas B. Richardson (August 2014)
Provides attorneys with practical skills and methods for improving efficiency, keeping budgets under control, building strong working relationships with clients, and maximizing profitability.
ISBN 9781627221900
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Lessons in Leadership: Essential Skills for Lawyers
Thomas C. Grella (June 2014)
For associates, lawyers and law firms seeking to develop leadership skills and learn time-tested leadership principles.
ISBN 9781614388166
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Lessons Learned: Practical Ethics for Busy Lawyers
Kevin W. Dornan (2016)
Practical, relatable advice on navigating everyday ethical pitfalls and solutions for avoiding them. 
ISBN 9781634254250
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Letters for Lawyers: Essential Communications for Clients, Prospects, and Others (2nd Edition)
Thomas E. Kane (February 2004)
Letters to effectively communicate with clients and maintain solid client relations using modifiable forms available on the companion CD.
ISBN 1590312678
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Letters for Litigators: Essential Communications for Opposing Counsel, Witnesses, Clients, and Others
Daniel Small and Robin Page West (March 2004)
Letters that simplify the task of communicating with opposing counsel, witnesses, clients, the court and others (letters contained in the book are also available on the companion CD).
ISBN 1590312686
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Limited Scope Legal Services: Unbundling and the Self-Help Client
Stephanie L. Kimbro (February 2013)
Gives lawyers of all types (from solo to large firms) with practical solutions for setting up unbundling practices in their firms.
ISBN 9781614383628
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LOMAP Roadshow: Seattle 
Washington State Bar Association – CLE (September 2014)
Documentation of the Law Office Management Assistance Program CLE that covers topics about buying a law firm, retiring, ethics, going paperless, digital diplomacy, new practice models and making your firm better.
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Managing Electronic Records: Methods, Best Practices, and Technologies
Robert F. Smallwood (April 2013)
Describes methods and best practices for new electronic records inventorying techniques, retention schedule development, taxonomy design, business process improvement, managing vital records, and long term digital preservation.
ISBN 9781118218297
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Minding Your Own Business: The Solo and Small Firm Lawyer’s Guide to a Profitable Practice
Ann Guinn (May 2010)
Shows you how to strike a balance between managing a firm and practicing law and make the most of billable hours with key management and strategies that amount to profits in the end.
ISBN 9781604427899
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New Lawyer Survival Guide: Small Firms, Big Opportunity: How to Get Hired (and Succeed) in the New Legal Economy, The (Volume 2)
Linda Calvert Hanson and Samantha Williams (August 2012)
Provides the steps to identify where jobs are, how to get hired, and how to succeed in the new legal economy.
ISBN 9780940675704
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The Organized Lawyer
Kelly Lynn Anders (2009)
Helps lawyers in diverse work settings develop and maintain a more organized space.
ISBN 9781594604300
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Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers
Sheila Blackford and Donna S.M. Neff (May 2014)
Shows how to save time and money by transitioning to a paperless office and learning how to run a law office digitally.
ISBN 9781614385240
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Paralegals, Profitability, and the Future of Your Law Practice
Arthur G. Greene and Therese A. Cannon (November 2003)
Advice on how to hire and use paralegals to achieve success in providing clients with quality service.
ISBN 1590311590
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Protecting Against Cyber Threats:  A Lawyer's Guide to Choosing a Cyber-Liability Policy
Standing Committee on Lawyer's Professional Liability (October 2016)
An overview of network security/cyber liability insurance for law firms and a guide for selecting network security/cyber-liability insurance.
ISBN 9781634255615
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Recruiting Lawyers: How to Hire the Best Talent (2nd Edition)
Marcia Pennington Shannon and Susan Manch (August 2015)
Research on the law firm hiring practices and its many shifts over the past 30 years. Provides practical strategies that can be incorporated immediately into the recruitment procedures.
ISBN 9781634252263
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The Refernce Book: Survival Guide to Implementing Effective Law Firm Management Strategies
Sandra Boyer and Arthur Greene (2015)
Provides the groundwork to create policies and strategies that increase business success and management.
ISBN 9781634250603
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Reinventing the Practice of Law: Emerging Models to Enhance Affordable Legal Services
Luz Herrera (December 2014)
Addresses the practical, ethical and business dimensions of new ways of providing legal advice and assistance to moderate income clients.
ISBN 1627224033
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Risk Management: Survival Tools for Law Firms (2nd Edition)
Anthony E. Davis and Peter R. Jarvis (2015)
Helps establish solid policies, procedures, and systems to minimize risk and offers a practical approach to risk management evaluation, and steps to take to create a “best practice” plan.
ISBN 9781590318539
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Solo & Small Firm Conference: The Small Firm Advantage (9th)
Washington State Bar Association – CLE (July 2014)
This binder contains materials from the conference which discussed innovative tools, technology and strategies to leverage a practice.
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Solo By Choice 2011-2012: How to be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be (2nd Edition)
Carolyn Elefant (October 2011)
Describes how to leverage trends like outsourcing, alternative fees, Internet marketing and social media when considering starting a law firm.
ISBN 9780940675629
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Solo By Choice: The Companion Guide – 34 Questions That Could Transform Your Legal Career 
Carolyn Elefant (October 2011)
This is the companion guide to Solo By Choice: How to be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be and provides insights, tips, examples, and encouragement from solo practitioners.
ISBN 9780940675643
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Strengthening Your Firm: Strategies for Success
Arthur G. Greene, Ed. (August 1997)
A law firm partnership guide that discusses topics such as adapting to change, meeting partnership challenges, dealing with financial problems, compensating firm owners, and improving leadership. 
ISBN 1570735069
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The Tech Contracts Handbook, (2nd ed.)
David W. Tollen (2015)
Guidance on interpreting and writing cloud computing agreements, software licenses and other IT contracts.
ISBN 9781634251785
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Telecommuting for Lawyers
Nicole Belson Goluboff (August 1998)
Covers issues involved with telecommuting helping both the law firm and employee plan and monitor a successful telecommuter program (offers worksheets and forms).
ISBN 1570735549
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Think Again: Innovative Approaches to the Business of Law
Jeffrey L. Nischwitz (October 2007)
Information on creating a client-centric law firm and delivering great client service using practical ideas and tactics (managing, leading, team building and compensation, and new business development) enclosed in this book.
ISBN 9781590317372
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Time Management for Lawyers:  How to Double Your Free Time
Mike Young, Esq. (2012)
Learn 54 tactics to double your free time while boosting your productivity.
ISBN  9781477674482
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Ultimate Guide to Solo and Small Firm Success, The (with CD)
Renée Caggiano Berman (June 2009)
Provides practical information to set up, maintain, and grow a law practice and includes a CD with sample documents.
ISBN 097400698X
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Up and Running: Operating Instructions for the Small Law Office (4th Edition)
Washington State Bar Association Law Office Management Assistance Program
This manual provides useful forms and covers topics related to building and managing your practice, such as, business plans, facilities management, operations, client relations, financial management, technology, ethics, and managing staff.
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Virtual Law Practice: How to Deliver Legal Services Online
Stephanie Kimbro (May 2011)
Provides case studies of individual virtual law practices to show how web-based technology may be used by legal professionals to work with online clients and avoid malpractice risks.
ISBN 9781604428285
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What Law School Doesn’t Teach You…But You Really Need to Know
Kimm Alayne Walton, J.D. (January 200)
Strategies and tips on how to create a positive first impression, recover from mistakes, handle social events, negotiate for more money, and turn away work without saying “no”.
ISBN 0159004535
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WSBA On Location (Walla Walla, Kennewick, and Yakima)
Washington State Bar Association (September 2014)
Materials from the CLE which presented topics on technology, WSBA moderate means program and sections.
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WSBA Solo and Small Practice Section Continuing Legal Education, The
Washington State Bar Association (March 2014)
Materials from the CLE which presented topics on new trends, tools, tips and keeping a practice current.
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