Updated: July 20, 2018

WSBA is starting two ongoing overall member-perception surveys in addition to the many feedback mechanisms and program-specific surveys we conduct. If you would like to provide input about the WSBA in general or a specific topic outside of these survey opportunities, please contact questions@wsba.org.

Ongoing Outreach Telephone Survey
Your voice matters!

This spring, we began reaching out to active members to gather a snapshot of the overall perception of WSBA’s service and communication. We randomly select about 100 active members each quarter to participate in a 10-minute phone call with staff members from every WSBA department. The feedback we collect not only helps us improve operations and outreach to better meet members’ needs and expectations, but it’s also an opportunity for us to answer questions and provide resources for each individual caller. All feedback is recorded anonymously.

The Results

Check back for the first report in the fall.

Annual Opt-In Online Survey

This spring we will also kick off an annual online opt-in survey in order to better understand and respond to members’ needs and expectations for WSBA services and communication. The survey will be advertised to all members via our Take Note email newsletter, our WSBA.org homepage, and NWLawyer.

The Results

Check back for the first report.