Updated: Oct. 27, 2023

Peer Advisors

The Member Wellness Program actively recruits peer advisors throughout Washington. This network of about 50 attorneys supports lawyers on a broad range of themes. The intention is to arrange a connection that can not only help with a particular challenge but also become a friendship and a touchstone through the challenges of a legal career.

Advocacy Areas Include:

  • Mental Health and Self-Care: Peer advisors who have recovered from depression, anxiety, workaholism, procrastination, and other mental health symptoms provide support to lawyers facing similar challenges.
  • Alcoholism and addiction: Many of our original PAs are adherents of the Alcoholics Anonymous model, and we continue to update a broad array of resources for meetings and supports. This includes a close relationship with The Unbar, Washington’s attorney AA group that meets via Zoom. We also promote non-AA resources like Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and Club Soda.
  • Career Challenges: Some peer advisors are interested in guiding members through mid-career transition; dealing with hostile work environments; envisioning a life outside the law; and other topics.

When Meeting:

  • Meetings can occur virtually or in person based on the preferences of those participating.
  • Please make an effort to meet at least three times as it takes time to get to know someone.
  • Do your best to find relevant activities to attend together, like a CLE or section meeting, recovery meeting, or getting to know other people in an attorney’s network. This can help solidify a connection.

If You Are Interested in Meeting with a Peer Advisor

If you are seeking the support of a PA, please complete this form. We do our best to match attorneys based on the challenge one is facing as well as relevant demographic information.

If You are Interested in Becoming a Peer Advisor

If you are interested in becoming a peer advisor, please complete this form and read our Peer Advisor Manual. The manual explains the roles and responsibilities of peer advisors and offers clarification on topics like confidentiality.

We will schedule a time to speak either by video or phone.

  • Peer advisors are trained in reflective listening skills. This is a way of deepening a connection through open ended questions and showing interest in the peer advisee’s experience.
  • Peer advisors are also encouraged to share relevant components of their own journey and think creatively about how to support the peer advisee.
  • Peer advisors attend our annual training during Wellbeing Week in Law, the first week of May.
  • Peer advisors are encouraged to advocate wellbeing in the legal profession by writing articles and presenting on themes relevant to them.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at wellness@wsba.org. We appreciate your service to your profession!