WSBA Leadership Condemns Escalating Violence Against the Asian American Pacific Islander Community

Read a statement by WSBA President Kyle Sciuchetti and Executive Director Terra Nevitt condemning recent acts for violence targeting Asian Americans. It includes useful resources for members of and advocates for the Asian American Pacific Islander Community.

We mourn those who lost their lives in the horrific shootings in Atlanta last week and grieve with their families. These attacks come amidst a nationwide, escalating pattern of violence, discrimination, and xenophobia directed against the Asian community. Unfortunately, our own communities are not immune: A recent study of major cities shows hate crimes against Asian Americans in Seattle has jumped 33% in 2020.

Last summer, the Washington Supreme Court called on the legal community to have the courage and will to recognize our responsibility for on-going racism and system injustices. As WSBA leaders, we heed the Supreme Court’s call to action; we stand ready to support and encourage members to take action against anti-Asian racism, to take advantage of educational opportunities about how our systems and culture perpetuates racism and many other forms of inequity, and to support our colleagues and community members who are directly impacted.  We stand resolutely in solidarity with our AAPI members and local and national minority bar associations who are actively working toward a more representative, inclusive, and equitable justice system.

Kyle Sciuchetti, WSBA President

Terra Nevitt, WSBA Executive Director


Taking Action Against AAPI Racism

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