Updated: Oct. 5, 2021

Executive Committee Members


Molly Barker is an associate at K&L Gates, LL and a member of the firm’s environment, land and natural resources practice group. Prior to joining K&L Gates, Molly focused her practice on environmental, real estate, energy, natural resources and land use law. She worked with public and private clients to conduct due diligence for permitting energy projects, obtain regulatory closure for contaminated sites, bring business operations into environmental regulatory compliance, sell or purchase contaminated properties, and evaluate land use issues arising out of development projects. Having also previously served as a judicial law clerk for four judges at the trial court level, she has touched on nearly every type of legal issue that makes its way through the state superior court system. In Molly’s free time, she enjoys backcountry skiing, snowboarding, yoga, ballet, cooking, backpacking, traveling, and surfing.

Donya Williamson Burns is an attorney with Houlihan Law, P.C. Her practice includes state environmental cleanup actions, land use permitting and environmental liability, condemnation litigation, and commercial and residential real estate sales and leasing. She has also worked with local jurisdictions on municipal code revisions pertaining to telecommunications. In her spare time (usually 4-7 a.m.) Donya enjoys competitive rowing, bread baking, gardening (mostly the pruning part), and playing the piano. She also has a couple of kids; they are adorable but do not contribute in any way to the aforementioned spare time.

Caroline Cress
 is an Assistant Attorney General in the Ecology Division of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office in Olympia. Her current practice focuses on air quality, climate mitigation, and regulatory oversight of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Prior to joining the Ecology Division in 2016, Caroline clerked for Hon. Ann Schindler at Division I of the Washington State Court of Appeals. She also worked for the Global Environmental Governance Project, the Nature Conservancy, and the Southern Environmental Law Center. Caroline received a B.A. in government and environmental policy from the College of William & Mary and a J.D. from the University of North Carolina School of Law. In her free time, Caroline enjoys gardening, hiking, and playing with her dogs.

Kyler Danielson is a civic-minded, enthusiastic millennial with a pet hedgehog. As a lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest, Kyler is passionate about Washington state’s growth, development, and future. She is currently a land use project manager at Lakeside Industries, working directly with local governments and experts to maintain and obtain land use permits. She participates in stakeholder groups, testifies at public meetings, monitors local code changes, and evaluates land use laws. Kyler previously practiced environmental and land use law for almost four years at a private firm in downtown Seattle. She obtained her J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law, and her B.A. in French and political science from Western Washington University. In her free time, Kyler attends comic conventions, listens to melancholy music, and volunteers in her community.

Meghan E. Gavin is an attorney at Cascadia Law Group in Seattle and Olympia. She represents clients in environmental and natural resource matters, including disputes over liability for environmental cleanup costs and in matters involving federal Indian law. She is eagerly learning water law and energy law. Before joining Cascadia, Meghan worked as a federal clerk. She attended law school at the University of Washington, graduate school at Fordham University, and undergraduate school at Boston College. Meghan is happy to be back home in Washington, where she can ski and kayak in the same day. 

Patrick Spurgin is a 1976 graduate of Washington State University. After some years of knocking around in various jobs, including forestry services grunt work, retail sales at Woolworths, and quality assurance at the Washington Nuclear Projects in Elma, Washington, Pat attended the University of Utah College of Law and graduated in 1984. Following law school, he served as the director of both the Utah governor’s High-level Nuclear Waste Office and the Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of State Lands and Forestry. He returned to Washington in 1990 to serve as the central regional office director for the Washington Department of Ecology until 1997. Pat maintains a solo practice in Yakima and is also of counsel to Zeilman Law Office. His practice principally comprises legal services to tribal and local government in the Yakima Valley. These services include representation in various matters including Endangered Species Act compliance, CERCLA natural resources damages assessment, Growth Management Act implementation, fish habitat project and fish production facility planning, permitting, and implementation, including water rights issue resolution and tribal government procurement activities. Pat also serves as a land use hearing examiner for several local governments in the Yakima Valley. 

Martha Wehling is an Assistant Attorney General in the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, representing two programs for the Department of Natural Resources, Forest Resources & Conservation and Product Sales & Leasing. Martha’s practice is currently litigation-based, including a challenge to the “trust mandate” for the State’s public lands, challenges to programmatic management decisions governing the state trust lands, and challenges to individual timber sales and timber sale contracts. Martha previously was in-house counsel at WFPA, an associate at a boutique firm, and represented WDFW, State Parks, and DNR’s forest practices division. Martha used to hoot for northern spotted owls, chase cabbage white butterflies, and scowl at brown headed cowbirds. She has approximately 3,350 pounds of pets.

Tom Wilcox is an attorney with Axiom Law, focusing his practice on environmental health and safety, trade association, and supplier contracting practice.  He is a native of Omaha, Nebraska, and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and juris doctor studies at Georgetown University Law Center. He volunteers as a Visiting Attorney with the Environmental Law Institute supporting Carl Bruch, Director, ELI International Programs, focusing on fundraising and planning for the Environmental Peacebuilding Association’s international conference scheduled for February 2022.  Tom has 30+ years of in-house environmental, health, and safety practice with aerospace facilities for Boeing in St. Louis and Seattle and, before that, meat packing, grain, animal feed, fertilizer, and petroleum companies for Farmland Industries, Inc. in Kansas City.  He started his career at Spencer Fane Britt & Browne in Kansas City. Tom’s free time is busy with his partner, teenaged children, and the family Westie, Armando.  He enjoys piano and choral music, hiking and beachcombing, and genealogy research.