Updated: Jan. 10, 2022

Board of Governors Elections

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The WSBA Board of Governors focuses on policy, leadership, strategy, and oversight of the organization. Service on the Board requires vision, leadership, diplomacy, and passion in pursuit of the WSBA's mission to serve the public and the members of the WSBA, to ensure the integrity of the legal profession and to champion justice.

Make an Impact. Serve Your Profession. Join the Board of Governors

The WSBA welcomes any active WSBA member in congressional districts 2, 9 and 10 to apply to serve on the WSBA Board of Governors no later than 5 p.m. PST on Feb. 15, 2022.

Filing Deadlines

Congressional District Filing Deadline: Tuesday, Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. PST.
Governor At Large Filing Deadline: Friday, April 15 at 5 p.m. PST. 
President-elect Filing Deadline: Friday, April 15 at 5 p.m. PST. 

Open Positions

The WSBA will be conducting an election in 2022 for the following positions:

  • Governor At-Large (currently held by Governor Hunter Abell; candidates are identified by the Diversity Committee)
  • Congressional District 2 (currently held by Governor Carla Higginson)
  • Congressional District 9 (currently held by Governor Bryn Peterson who is not seeking a second term)
  • Congressional District 10 (currently held by Governor Tom McBride who is not seeking a second term)

All terms will commence upon swearing-in at the Sept. 22-23, 2022 Board meeting. The term is three-years, ending Sept. 30, 2025. 

Is Board Service Right For You? Learn More.

Review the 'Serving on the WSBA Board of Governors' Overview

Join an Informational Session:

Anyone interested in applying to serve on the Board of Governors should plan to attend an Informational Session. The virtual sessions will begin with a short presentation regarding Board service followed by time for Q&A. Current members of the Board of Governors and/or the Executive Director will be in attendance. 

  • Session 1: Check back soon! 
  • Session 2: Check back soon!

Congressional District Filing Information & Instructions


Any active member of the Bar may run for the office of governor from the congressional district in which they member is entitled to vote. You can find your district in myWSBA or by consulting map. Exception: any Bar member who has previously served on the Board of Governors for more than 48 months is ineligible to run for the Board of Governors for a period of 36 months after the conclusion of that term of service.


  • Read: Serving on the WSBA Board of Governors.
  • Complete the application form (you may use this form to nominate another member). Be sure to select the congressional district to which you are applying. An application form is required.
  • Complete the Candidate Profile Form. This will be visible online and formatted with WSBA design elements. 
  • Candidate Statement. 200 strict word maximum. Statement will be visible online and included on the ballot.
  • Photo (optional). This will be visible online and included on the ballot.
  • Letters of Support (optional). Letters can be sent individually. 

All above materials should be submitted to barleaders@wsba.org by 5 p.m. PST on Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022. 

Important Dates

Applicants should note these dates and plan to attend.

  • March 1: Candidate Video Recording Session. Candidates are encouraged to sign-up for a virtual15-minute time slot to record a short 90-second video statement for voters to learn more about you. 
  • May 19-20: Congressional Districts candidates elected (Governor-elects) to serve on the Board of Governors should plan to attend this Board meeting in Spokane and virtual.
  • July 13-15: All Candidates elected (Governor-elects) to serve on the Board of Governors should plan to attend the New Governor Orientation, Board Retreat and Meeting held on these dates in Tacoma, WA and virtual. 
  • Sept. 22-23: Candidates elected to serve on the WSBA Board of Governors will be sworn in at this meeting and should plan to attend in Bellevue and virtual.

Election & Voting

Congressional Districts: The three district-based positions are elected by members in their district. Generally, a member is entitled to vote in the congressional district in which they reside. All out-of-state active WSBA members are eligible to vote in the district of the address of their agent within Washington for the purpose of receiving service of process as required by APR13(f) or, if specifically designated to the executive director, within the district of their primary Washington practice.

Election: March 15-April 1.

Governor At Large: Applicants for this position will be interviewed and determined by the WSBA Diversity Committee. In accordance with the Bylaws, the Diversity Committee will nominate at least three candidates to be included on the ballot. More information will be posted in February.

Election: May 16-June 1.

President-elect: The President-elect will be elected by the Board of Governors at its May 19-20 meeting. Applications form and further information about this position will be posted in February.


If you require reasonable accommodations to complete your application or participate in this process, please contact barleaders@wsba.org.


Please contact Volunteer Engagement Advisor Paris Eriksen at parise@wsba.org or barleaders@wsba.org.

The WSBA values diversity and inclusion, and encourages Black, Indigenous and people of color, women, people from the LBGTQ communities, people with disabilities, and members of other groups who have been systemically oppressed to apply for our committees, boards, and panels. 

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Please contact Paris Eriksen, WSBA Volunteer Engagement Advisor, at parise@wsba.org or barleaders@wsba.org.