Updated: Jan. 5, 2018

Corporate Counsel Section

Membership in the Corporate Counsel Section is open to any Active member in good standing of the Washington State Bar Association. Our members include in-house legal counsel, attorneys in private practice who spend a substantial portion of their time working with in-house counsel, and other attorneys who provide legal counsel to businesses or nonprofit enterprises. We urge attorneys interested in learning more about corporate law departments and general business and corporate law to join our section. Law students may join as subscribers of the section, but do not have voting rights. 

The section provides a number of programs and other resources for our members. Our quarterly dinner meetings provide an excellent opportunity to socialize and network, and include speakers on various topics of interest to section members. CLE credit is generally available for each dinner meeting. 

Annual Report
Info Sheet

See our supplemental CLE Materials.

Section Membership

In accordance with the section's bylaws, and with the exception of law students, an individual must be an active member of the WSBA to join this section. We also welcome law students to join our Section. Section membership coincides with the WSBA's fiscal year — Oct. 1–Sept. 30. Current section members will receive an annual renewal notice in early October for the coming membership year. 

You can join via secure online transaction. Once you have paid your membership dues, you will be added to the membership of the section and will begin receiving our newsletter and other information about Section activities.

Receive information regarding upcoming events and get involved in the current discussion by joining our LinkedIn page.


Executive Committee

ChairScott Schrum (2017-2019)
Chair-Elect: Vacant
SecretaryJoel Emans (2017-2019)
: Beth St. Clair (2017-2019)
Immediate Past ChairPaul Swegle(2017-2020)
Young Lawyer LiaisonWilliam Lenz* (2016-2018)
BOG Liaison: Kyle Sciuchetti*

Committee Members

Freya Brier (2017-2020)
Bernel Goldberg (2017-2020)
Kevin Fay (2017-2020)
Tonya Gisselberg (2016-2019)
Amy Neuberger (2017-2020)
Elaine Pascua (2017-2020)
Jim Doane (2018-2020)
Britt Bachtel-Browning (2018-2020)
Bryn Peterson (2018-2020)
Ben Loewen (2018-2020)
Dan Menser (2018-2020)
Tina Davis (2018-2020)

*Non-voting member

Please contact subcommittee member for details on their upcoming meeting dates and locations.

Section members can join the section list serve to receive information about section activities and other section-related matters. Email sections@wsba.org and request to join the list serve. For more information about the Corporate Counsel Section, please contact the Section chair, Scott Schrum.