Updated: Oct. 8, 2021

The Member Wellness Program is dedicated to providing culturally competent services to all WSBA members seeking services. This requires an understanding of cultural, ethnic, racial, and other forces that influence a person's experience. Three critical factors to providing culturally competent services are:

  • An openness to discussing the cultural experience of anyone who seeks services.
  • A focus on understanding the unique concerns of each population that seeks treatment. This requires being mindful of how people of different backgrounds regard psychotherapy, and is sensitive to the stigma through which cultures often view treatment.
  • An educational journey that involves reflection into a therapist's own cultural influences, privileges in society, and impact these factors have upon a client.

Consistent with the WSBA's mandate of embracing diversity among our members, we welcome all populations into our clinic: Asian, African-American, Latino/a, Native, and Caucasian, to name a few of what is admittedly a long list. We affirm the WSBA's commitment to promote diversity, equality, and cultural understanding in the legal community and embrace the WSBA's definition of diversity listed below. In an effort to continually improve our diversity programming, we are open to recommendations or feedback about program. If you have thoughts or questions on this topic, don't hesitate to contact us at 206-727-8268 or wellness@wsba.org.

WSBA Diversity: "Diversity" at WSBA refers to meaningful representation of and equal opportunities for individuals who self identify with those groups that are under-represented in the legal profession based upon, but not limited to, disability, gender, age, familial status, race, ethnicity, religion, economic class, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. Statewide geographic diversity and area of practice shall also be given consideration.