Updated: June 2, 2023

Environmental & Land Use Law Section

The Environmental and Land Use Law (ELUL) Section represents a diverse membership with individuals who are often on different sides of an issue, but who are all committed to civil and professional cooperation for the protection and enhancement of shared communities. The ELUL Section provides benefits to members by initiating, implementing, and supporting opportunities for the interchange of ideas surrounding environmental and land use law. To further discussion among members, the ELUL Section hosts an annual midyear CLE conference each spring and Mini-CLEs throughout the year. It also supports law student development by providing scholarships and hosting networking events that create opportunities for law students to meet legal professionals.

The ELUL Section helps members keep up with this rapidly developing area of law. Accordingly, it regularly publishes information and provides access to scholarly analyses of fundamental and emerging environmental and land use law issues. The ELUL Section website contains current, scholarly information on emerging trends in environmental and land use law, including analyses of cases, draft rules, and new statutes that affect this area of practice. During the legislative session, the ELUL Section shares information about bills that are relevant to environmental and land use law as a resource to further collaboration and discussion.

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Section Executive Committee Elections

The Section is conducting elections for open positions on the executive committee.

Voting is scheduled for June 5-19, 2023. All voting members of the Section will be sent an electronic ballot from Survey Monkey via email on June 5, 2023.

Candidate Information, Open Positions, and Terms
For more information about the Section and its executive committee, please review the Section's bylaws. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by position.

One position open. 1-year term: Oct. 1, 2023Sept. 30, 2024.

Candidate: Thomas Wilcox | Statement of Interest

At-Large Member
Two positions open. 3-year term: Oct. 1, 2023Sept. 30, 2026.
One position open. Remainder of term ending Sept. 30, 2025.
The top two candidates will serve 3-year terms and the third-place candidate will serve the 2-year term.

Candidate 1: Allison Bolgiano | Statement of Interest

Candidate 2: Allen Miller | Statement of Interest

Candidate 3: Jessica Pilgrim | Statement of Interest

Candidate 4: Robie Russell | Statement of Interest

Candidate 5: Luke Sanders | Statement of Interest

Candidate 6: Dylan Stonecipher | Statement of Interest

Candidate 7: Nicolas Sweeney | Statement of Interest

Candidate 8: Nicolas Wedekind | Statement of Interest

Questions? Email sections@wsba.org.

ELUL's Annual Fellowship for Students, Summer 2023

WSBA's Environmental and Land Use Law Section's annual fellowship for students participating in internships in environmental or land use law for summer 2023 is official open! Please note that the application deadline is June 1. This year ELUL will sponsor up to three fellowship awards at $3,000 each.

This fellowship is open to law students, (1Ls, 2Lws, and non-graduating 3Ls) who:

  1. Are in good standing with their respective law school(s),
  2. Demonstrate commitment to environmental and/or land use law,
  3. Will be participating in a public interest (non-profit or government) summer internship related to environmental and/or land use law in Washington State in 2023. (Remote work with a Washington based organization is eligible.)

Individual Application Requirements and Materials

To apply for the fellowship, please submit the following materials in PDF format to ELUL's Young Lawyer Liaison, Rachel Sinsheimer rachel@corvidlaw.com no later than 5 p.m. on June 1, 2023.

Include Your name and relevant contact information on these items:

  • Resume
  • Transcript from the law school's registrar (unofficial is sufficient)
  • Cover letter (maximum of 2 pages) articulating your knowledge, experience, interest, and commitment to the areas of environmental and/or land use law, as well as the purpose and nature of the position and how it relates to environmental and/or land use law in Washington. Please include the purpose of the organization, the details of the work that you are expected to perform, the environmental and/or land use aspects of the position, and the legal and personal experience that you hope to gain from the internship. Please include the if the internship is paid or unpaid. If it is paid, please include the stipend or salary amount.
  • A recommendation letter from your prospective employer confirming that they have offered you a position relating to environmental or land use law for the summer of 2023 or a letter of recommendation from a professor.

Note: While this internship has historically been focused on unpaid internships, given the rise in public interest paid internships, ELUL will consider paid internships, however, priority will be given to unpaid internships.

See the ELUL Fellowship Application Flyer for more information.


Advice for Law Students

The Environmental and Land Use Law Section Executive Committee has put together a collection of advice for law students. We hope you find this compilation of reflections and advice to be helpful as you navigate through the unique challenges of this unprecedented moment in history.

Get Involved!

Are you interested in speaking at a CLE seminar or in helping to organize a CLE? The section is always looking for ideas, speakers, and volunteers. To propose topics and speakers for our mini-CLEs, please contact an ELUL Executive Committee member. To propose topics, speakers, or co-chairs for the ELUL's Annual Midyear Seminar, please contact Kyler Danielson. Co-chairs are selected in the fall of each year, and typically begin planning the next year’s Midyear Seminar toward the end of each current year.

The Benefits of Membership

The ELUL Blog

In 2020, ELUL shifted from a newsletter format to publication of articles on a blog. The blog is a free resource that provides updates and in-depth articles on cases, draft rules, new statutes, and other topics relevant to environmental and land use law practitioners. A host of talented and dedicated lawyers donate their time to make this publication the great success it is.

Spring 2017  │   Summer 2016  │   Spring 2016

November 2015  │   August 2015  │   February 2015

Archived issues are available to section members upon request. To request an issue, please email sections@wsba.org.

Midyear Seminar

Every year, the Section hosts a meeting that features a two-day CLE in a resort area in the state. The CLE program is carefully vetted through the Executive Committee to ensure that top-quality presentations focus on timely topics of current utility and interest to environmental and land use law practitioners. As most of us have practices that delve into the realms of both land use and environmental law, the CLE allows us to get up to date on both areas of the law. Again, opportunities abound to network in a relaxed atmosphere ideal for forging new friendships and working relationships. We work hard to keep the cost as low as possible for our members and provide scholarships to qualified individuals. Your dues make this possible.


The Section provides its members with low-cost mini-CLEs to coincide with significant cases and topics relevant to environmental and land use practitioners. Please watch social media, the ELUL list serve, and this website for upcoming mini-CLEs, and please contact Martha Wehling to propose topics or speakers. Your dues make this possible. 

Sponsoring Law School Students in Internships

The Section helps sponsor internships in the fields of land use and environmental law to deserving law students at the three law schools in Washington. The Executive Committee believes it is important for the Section to help students find their way into practice areas that are highly specialized and in which it is sometimes difficult to find relevant experience. We hope that by helping law students in internships, we will help grow the highly skilled lawyers of the future. Your dues make this possible.

Special Projects

Giving back to the community is important. The Executive Committee in the past several years has developed a high school curriculum for Law Day specifically geared toward environmental and land use law, undertaken a project on sustainability of law office practices, and hosted numerous free brown bags on topics of interest such as I-297 and the Endangered Species Act. We have also sponsored Earth Day and Habitat for Humanity Work Days. Your dues make this possible.

Scholarship Information

The WSBA Environmental and Land Use Law Section solicits donations from law firms and section members to fund scholarships for its midyear meeting and conference held each spring. Scholarships serve an educational and charitable purpose by helping attorneys and law students attend the midyear conference and CLE who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Please Donate to the Scholarship Fund

To contribute to the ELUL Section Scholarship Fund, please donate online or contact the Washington State Bar Foundation. Donations are fully tax-deductible.

Executive Committee 

Chair: Donya Burns (2022-2023)

Chair-Elect: Martha Wehling (2022-2023)

Secretary: Thomas Wilcox (2022-2023)

Treasurer: Austin Watkins (2022-2023)

Immediate Past Chair: Kyler Danielson (2022-2023) 

Board of Governors Liaison*: Lauren Boyd (2022-2023) and  Serena Sayani (2022-2023)

Young Lawyer LiaisonRachel Sinsheimer (2022-2024)

*Nonvoting member

Website, Communications, and Blog Editorial Board Liaisons*: Donya Burns, Gabby Gurian, and Caroline Cress

Mini-CLE Planning: Jason Foust

Blog Editors*: Clifford Kato

Derek Gauthier & Chris Pierce-Wright

At-Large Members
Albert Chang (2020-2023)
Robie Russell (2020-2023)
Caroline Cress (2021-2024)
Thomas Wilcox (2021-2024)
Austin Watkins (2022-2025)
Gabrielle Gurian (2022-2025)
Jason Foust (2022-2025)

The WSBA ELUL Executive Committee generally conducts meetings via Zoom video conference  2-3:30 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month. 

For more information about the Executive Committee members, check out their biographies.

Join Our List Serve and Follow Us on Social Media

To join the section list serve or for general section questions, please send your email address and bar number to sections@wsba.org. For more information and to get involved with the section, please contact Section Chair, Donya Burns. The ELUL Section is on Facebook and LinkedIn; please follow us to receive the most recent updates.