Updated: March 13, 2018

Looking for a Guide with Templates?

Law Office in a Box® is a collection of resources (now available online for free!) that includes practice management forms for quick modification and use, a guide with step-by-step instructions on opening a law office, and other compiled resources that help the new solo-practitioner get started successfully.

Law Office in a Box 

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Review the Up and Running Guide

The Up and Running Guide is a helpful resource to guide you in the foundations of a successful law practice whether you are just starting out, or looking to improve upon an existing practice.

The guide covers topics like creating a business plan, finding office space, establishing a workflow, and more.

Download Forms and Checklists

Guide to planning for unexpected events.


Template for developing your own business plan.


Checklist for evaluating your business practices.


Template letters, engagement agreements, and more for your customization.


An example form to help avoid conflicts of interest.