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The Unbar from Bar News September 2012

Aug. 10, 2017

first AA meeting. — WSBA member George Tamblyn, who recently celebrated 35 years of sobriety, George Tamblyn 32 Washi ngtonStateBarNews | September 2012 And, as the name states, Alcoholics, with a sponsor (a mentor in the program). Not all Unbar attorneys are like George and Jerry, - dizing their careers by seeking help in recovery. That said, some alcohol- ics like George, volunteers that know com- munity resources and are sensitive to issues of anonymity. ” George offered...


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Senior Lawyers Section Spring 2016 Newsletter

April 28, 2017

Law Firm: George O. Tamblyn and Dieter G. Struzyna Following Justice Yu’s talk were the founding members of Advocates Law Group, George O. Tamblyn and Dieter G. Struzyna. The Advocates Law Group, of the virtual law offce model, and is the largest such frm in our state. Mr. Tamblyn and Mr. Struzyna had...


FY 2017 Washington State Bar Foundation Donor List from Annual Report

Feb. 8, 2018

. Bolger Laurie Jean Bolton Julia Mayer Bolz Fay Mustard Bond Roderick Cyr Bond George Edward, . Matthew James Conner Craig Koji Connors George D. Conrad Tamara Jill Conrad James Dow Constantine, . Crawford George Arthur Critchlow Michael Crofts Dennis Charles Cronin Jennifer M. Cross-Euteneier, William S. Cummings Patrick A. Cunningham Kevin Michael Curran George G. Curtis Daniel C. Cushman, Daniels Joanne E. Dantonio Abigail Gonzales Daquiz Edmund Darcher Kaustuv Mukul Das George Isiah...


Washington State Bar Foundation 2019 Annual Report

Dec. 4, 2019

Conner Matthew J. Conner John Stanley Conniff Charles T. Conrad George D. Conrad Tamara Jill, Ann Covington George Thomas Cowan Adam Cox Emily Carole Eleanor Cox Trevor Armand Cox Gregory, . Currie Vicky J. Currie Edwin C.B. Curtis George G. Curtis Yvonne Curtis Diane L. Cushing Benjamin D, . Dang Kara Patrice Dansky Ha Thu Dao Edmund Darcher Andrea A. Darvas Paul Wilson Daugharty George, Michael Filipovic James Duncan Findlay Dea Noel Finigan Fred Stephen Finkelstein George Arnold...


Senior Lawyers Section Annual Report FY2015

April 28, 2017

legacies. George Tamblyn and Dieter Struzyna provided insights on the virtual law firm, including...


Washington State Bar Foundation FY 2016 Annual Report

April 26, 2017

Marie Meyer Bender Reed Manley Benjamin Speir Donald Allyn Bennett George Michael Bennett, Connelly Lea E. Conner Matthew James Conner John Stanley Conniff George D. Conrad Tamara Jill Conrad, . Craighead Melton L. Crawford Caroline B. Crenna Robert H. Crick, Jr. Amy B. Crider George Arthur, Siemon Cummings Gary Allen Cunningham Kevin Michael Curran Edwin C.B. Curtis George G. Curtis, Kaustuv Mukul Das Steve Dashiak George Isiah Davenport, Jr. Roger Scott Davidheiser Anita Turen...


Washington State Bar Foundation FY 2018 Annual Report

April 19, 2019

George Oechsli Athan P. Papailiou Hon. Rebecca Louise Pennell Michael J. Pontarolo Diane and Les, Douglas M. Bomarito George Edward Bonini Allan Aurlo Bonney THANK YOU APEX SPONSORS! Gold, Anthony H. Connors Charles T. Conrad George D. Conrad Tamara Jill Conrad Carmela A. Conroy Brian, Crawford-Willis Joseph W. Creed John W. Creighton Amy B. Crider George Arthur Critchlow Michael, Edwin C.B. Curtis George G. Curtis Diane L. Cushing Christopher Daniel Cutting D Madeleine E...


Bar News September 2012

Nov. 20, 2018

Commissioner STEVE SCOTT Former King County Superior Court Judge GEORGE FINKLE Former King County...