Updated: Oct. 8, 2021

The Member Wellness Program actively recruits Peer Advisors (PA) throughout Washington state. This network of about 50 attorneys supports lawyers on a broad range of themes from addiction and mental health topics to individual practice guidance.

Advocacy areas include:

  • Alcoholism and addiction: Many of our original PAs are adherents of the Alcoholics Anonymous model and we continue to update a broad array of resources for meetings and supports. This includes a close relationship with The Unbar, an attorney AA group in Seattle. We also promote non-AA resources like Smart Recovery.
  • Mental Health and Self-Care: Peer Advisors who have recovered from depression, anxiety, workaholism, procrastination, and other mental health symptoms provide support to lawyers facing similar challenges.

Most PAs have attended the Member Wellness Program trainings on listening skills and methods for creating a supportive connection. Future offerings are being developed and planned. Of course, these PAs are attorneys and not counselors, and each person has their own style. Meetings often take place over coffee or at an attorney’s office.

If you are seeking the support of a PA, email us at wellness@wsba.org, and we will find the best possible match. If you are interested in becoming a PA, please complete this form and email us at wellness@wsba.org indicating your interest. We will schedule a time to speak either by video or phone. We can also inform you of upcoming trainings and volunteer opportunities. We appreciate your service to your profession!